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Awkward Black Girl - Behind the Scenes of Ep. 4 “The Search”

Awkward Black Girl’s PA takes you behind the scenes for some never-before-seen, private moments with the cast and crew.

reasons why Issa Rae is great, when you encounter this before one of her videos:

The contents of this video may not be suitable for current NAACP employees, HBCU alumni, African American Studies majors, Al Sharpton, natural girls who would never get a perm, or any other group of super sensitive black people.”

I love this episode of ABG…because of where White Jay takes her and the fact that the stereotypical poems that were done at the poem mic were sorta on point.

I have a problem with poets these days (trust me I go to an open mic every so often-I know). It sounds like they’ve all taken a class on “How to Perform Like Def Jam-101” and I missed out on that course. And the topics are all mainly the same-sex, the “daddy” poem, etc.

"God invented liquor because he foresaw spoken word" lawl

But I like to go against the norm. And this was just hilarious.

Thanks Issa Rae for keepin it real!

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