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We discussed Mao’s program, Cuba’s program, and all the others, but concluded that we could not follow any of them. Our unique situation required a unique program. Although the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed is universal, forms of oppression vary. The ideas that mobilised the people of Cuba and China sprang from their own history and political structures. The practical parts of those programs could be carried out only under a certain kind of oppression. Our program had to deal with America
Huey Newton speaking about the creation of the Black Panther Party

after reading up a bit…

So I’ve been reading up on Bobby Seale’s book on his personal accounts from being a part of the Black Panthers and his dealings with Huey Newton. 

And there’s this one section where’s it’s just straight recollections of what they had to deal with concerning the police, their treatment etc. 

At some point they go to the Capitol (Bobby, Eldridge and some of the other Panthers) and they roll up with their guns, not loaded because that’s the law, and they walk straight into the Ambassadors area and make a statement simply by showing up. Startling the shit out of people.

They later get arrested for no reason later because statements such as that have consequences unfortunately.

But how inspiring is that? And the balls to do that are great, no doubt. 

I keep saying that change is a desperate need for us and it is slow coming and slow going-things like that, statements make a movement great. Because other people are then forced to recognize you, they are forced to deal with you, and forced to maybe even be afraid of the change that is happening. 

I heard some folks who worked at other food stands at my job talk about how they didn’t like the condition of African American culture and why these kids growing up are going to be screwed up and how/what we can do to change it. And they said people don’t want to change. We keep throwing that word around like a rag doll and nothing much happens…

Well we can.

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