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As a black woman/man how are you treated in the workplace?

If you call my mother and you reach her voicemail, it’s a voice she likes to call her “Susie Cream Cheese” voice. Which in other words means, a White woman’s voice. People get confused when they meet her because they expected a white woman. (She only uses it in professional situations as do I)

When I’m at work, I’m not in the most flattering of outfits but I try to make it work. Straightening my hair makes it a lot easier to put on my hat and it fits me in more I’ve noticed (though I know this is selling out and I feel horrible after-the fact…but shit I make Good tips). I generally also use a “Susie Cream Cheese” voice. It is one of the most useful techniques I’ve used. I make more tips, I get more politeness from customers and just being plain nice always works just as well.

Last year when I worked in a different area-our manager paid more attention to my white friend, he clearly had his favorite. The Star Spangled Banner was playing and usually I still serve customers but more quietly and if they too are being patriotic then I wait…but I don’t pay attention to it. I was getting ready to pull out a hot dog for a customer and my boss told me in the sternest voice “Put that down.” And after it was over he said “Don’t you ever do that again.”

I’m young, black, opinionated and am not favorable of this country or government considering it’s corrupt, useless, unrepresentative bullshit. His elitist patriotic ass wanted me to be a part of showing respect to this country? No I’m sorry. In high school when we’re supposed to do the pledge of allegiance, half the time I tried to sit down and not pay attention to it.

Between both races, we have different feelings about this country…which brings me to white privilege…whereas we have not that much privilege…I don’t give a fuck. I really wish I told him to fuck off after I’d left to go back to campus.   

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