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Is Nicki Minaj a modern day Black Feminist?

(No seriously, between her playing into the misogyny of the rap industry, her ineffective (but somehow deemable) tweets to encourage young girls to stay in school, not to mention her blatantly fake image (which includes implants wigs and veryvery light skin that seems a bit…unnatural), ridiculous lyrics but some that apparently appeal to the modern day feminist/black woman

Life of a Brown Person: watched Precious for the first time…

so, admittedly, the screenplay isn’t that great nor is the acting, the story line is really simple and music etcetc.

HOWEVER. as a movie that highlights what black woman face, in certain economic, educational, psychological circumstances I think it touches on things that Black Men do not acknowledge and those who know about “Black Struggle” from a commercialized standpoint do not see.

I always dislike how the Black Male Struggle is always something talked about, but the Black Female Struggle is ignored and shoved under the rug because “WE HAVE TO UPHOLD OUR BLACK MEN. ENCOURAGE THEM TO NOT BE INCARCERATED. TO MAKE IT TO COLLEGE.”

Though the movie is not as great-Monique had a moment when she goes, “He was makin love to me and touchin my daughter. I told him to stop but he told my fat ass to shutup so I shut my fat ass up and he touched her…I was mad that my man wanted my daughter not me.”

Sexual abuse is not commonly talked about…for what reason I don’t know but there should always be open forums about the treatment of women, and of course including us of color because our struggles seem to always be swept under the rug…

Weather Woman Fired After Defending Natural Hair And Black Kids Has No Regrets

Angelique Kidjo | Lisner Auditorium | The George Washington University

February 16, 2014 7:00pm

Angelique Kidjo is a Grammy award-winning vocalist deemed “Africa’s premier diva” by Time Magazine. Known for her dynamic and uplifting music, Kidjo’s internationally acclaimed repertoire crosses boundaries, genres and ethnicities, blending Western pop & African traditions.

This wonderful woman is performing in GWU this Sunday. Illoon and I are planning to go! We’ve featured some of her music on our tumblr. This is gone be da bestttt!

Life of a Brown Person: beauty is a damn fight.

  • my hands are tiny and bony,
  • but when I put on my chori and rings they look like beauty, they look like a part of me.
  • I’ve got super irritating acne, so sometimes in the morning/night I stand in the mirror and pop um or poke um hoping they disappear one day.
  • But when I wear some shit, I stand in the mirror feelin on my booty goin “damn I loookk goooodddd”

  • when my hair was fluffy and to my back I’d spend half an hour on it trying to make it to things to the point where my hands would cramp up and shake.
  • but then I shaved it, cut it, and now some days I can just put it up and it’ll look good.
  • sometimes I’ll see images of make-up infused models, or real chics in life with nice lookin make up
  • but the minor eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and henna makes me feel just as equivalent…when I feel like it.

  • I love boobies and I fall into the fantasy of “the bigger the booby the mo the betta” because of these hypersexualized milf-like images
  • but I’ll jiggle mine around and stick um in a crop top and they’ll look nice.
  • I was called chicken legs, pole, twig as a kid/high schooler
  • I look at my calves now and love how goddamn muscular they are.

We’re human. We have our moments where these images, the people we see, the jealousy of beauty affect our own-but then we have to remind ourselves that…those images are based off of someone elses standards, basis of beauty qualifications n fucknots.

I have my moments…and then I don’t. It’s good to admit um.


She's racked up over 20 million views and 150,000 subscribers on YouTube

Life of a Brown Person: let’s talk about these Celie and Shug Avery moments…

Lady Day is known for having hooked up with both men and women, in a Nina Simone biography that I’m skimming through a relationship with a woman is also described, Frida Kahlo and should I even mention the ohso famous Miss Celie and Shug Avery relationship that Steven Speilberg didn’t make a huge deal, but was most def a thing in the book. 

But yet why is this something not discussed between us colored folk, we have women of color that are out of the closet, not to mention (for you Pop Culture lovers) Nicki Minaj who’s slightly mentioned about being a dominant woman above other women sexually. 

I get it colored folk, allota of our culture’s known for being very religious, either Islam or Christianity and neither really encourage interest in the other sex.  

Fact is these famous women were not butch (or any other label or society likes to define our lesbian/bi women with)-they were Ladies.

What is so taboo or wrong about Women of Color showing interest in other women.

Why do we shy from these topics, and we don’t why do they have to be so hardcore in your face RAWR I’m A LABEL DEFINED BY MY SEXUALITY RESPECT IT.

Balance anyone? 

I find that when I talk about my various interests it ranges and I don’t care to define myself, I like women, but I also like men. Not for attention, not to be in your face, not to give myself an excuse to jump into the LGBT fight for all, but it is what it is.

That’s what I liked about reading/watching these documentaries about these women, it’s the nonchalant, “Yeah we like women, we hooked up with women, so what.”  

I like that… 

Move Aside, Barbie, the Queens of Africa Dolls Are Here 

bout fuckin time though

Angelique Kidjo - Afirika

From the CD: Black Ivory Soul

"Open your eyes, ears and hearts and surrender to the sights and sounds of Africa."

Great song from a great African woman, set to the pictures of a great African civilization - The people of the Surma and Mursi tribes.

Tribal Decoration of the Omo Valley - Pictures by: Hans Silvester (Africa on Lens)

The people of the Surma and Mursi tribes live in the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia are body painters: they paint their bodies with pigments made from the earth as an immemorial and quotidian practice mothers paint babies, children and adults paint themselves and each other in a tradition that seems unchanged for thousands of years. Their paintings range from abstract designs of circles, lines, dots and swirls, sometimes focused on specific body parts, to all-over patterns of flowers, zig-zags and fingerprints that form a dazzling array on the entire body. White, yellow, orange and ochre; the natural pigments that they use are derived from the soil and rocks of their surroundings. The tribes daily paintings are an essential expression of their lives more elemental to them than music or dance. Fascinated by the Surma and Mursi tribes painting practices and astounded by the beauty of their ephemeral art.

Silvester captures the diverse and extraordinary effects that they achieve through their ancient tradition.

Angélique Kidjo - Batonga (1991) Official Music video

An excellent artist and a wonderful person. It’s incredible feeling to hear her voice first time in live concert, go and see when she is performing near you!
I hope owners of the rights want to see this as an honor to this artist, which it really is. 
You can see this very same video freely also elsewhere in the internet. 
My hope is that everyone can just listen to this wonderful musician. Enjoy!
And all of her albums are still rather easy to find!

Life of a Brown Person: “Girl You’d Look So Pretty with a Make-over!”

subbed for another coffee shop yesterday, I was working on a drink. And this sista, clearly gotta short wig/weave, eyebrows done, outfit very much considered but not flattering cause it was for work. 

She’s talking to the other barista and she goes, “Girl you need to come up so we can give you a make over.”

And she looks at me and goes “Oh you should get one too, ya know fix them eyebrows, give um an arch or something dang!”

And I reply, “Yeah ya know, I would I’m just too lazy-don’t really care.”

And she goes, “You too lazy? You shouldn’t be! You’d look so pretty if you got a make over and just fixed those eyebrows.”

Now see, I’m a simple person, every so often (I mean…this is once in a damn blue Moon) I’ll pluck my eyebrows, not necessarily to the state that she would have them, but just even um out a bit.

The fact is I hated her in that second for telling me I that I would look prettier with some foundation smeared on my face, blush, eye shadow, a good pluck for my eyebrows to arch, lip stick and some eyeliner.

Sure some women like to get all gussied up like that.

I semi gussy, proudly and that’s the way I like it.

HOWEVER- I dislike that natural beauty isn’t a common phenomena.

That more women feel more comfortable with a more evenly colored mask than one’s own skin-a common issue that has been debated back and forth.

Not saying it’s bad to gussy up-but it’s not bad to NOT gussy up as well.

The fact that there are HOT OR NOT pics of actresses with and without make up…come on guys. Come onnnnn. 

I hate grocery shopping cause when I go to the check out line that might be 2-10 minutes long in a wait. All I have to look at are headlines that say on these Magazines

"How to Lose Weight" 

"New Mascara blahblahblah"

"Look at this actress with chubby rolls, ew aren’t they nasty!"

"How to diet!"

"How to catch a man hashtag bitch you best look like Rihanna"

"Weight Loss diet for the ages! And still eat what you want!"

"How to get this body!"

"How to look like you’re a run way model"

"Make up galore!"


For giving little shits, but loving my bod…and my oily slightly acned face. Bitch I’m human-back off…

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