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If you could place yourself in a Black Stereotype-which one would it be?

-the Imani faith dashiki wearing folk


-Super Ghetto/Rachet



-G; Gangsta



-Erykah Badu Lover (basically the same as the top choice minus the Imani faith)

-Follower of Current trends set down by popular rappers/R&b artists

-Bouji/Booshi (yeah I don’t know how to spell that)



…see where I’m going with this? If you don’t please refer to checked box on your social security card that will give you said answer (haha jk)

List of Black Stereotypes…

  • Irresponsible
  • Crack babies
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Drop-outs
  • Incarcerated
  • Fathers leave their kids
  • Weave/Perm/Relaxer
  • Black Female CatFights
  • treatment of Black Women by Black Men that is degrading and insulting
  • Love fried chicken and Kool-Aid
  • the ghetto/the projects
  • Nappy hair
  • Bad attitudes/disrespectful
  • Hoodlums/Hoodrats
  • Poor
  • Obese
  • Dirty
  • Sex, drugs, porn, weed, guns
  • Low job expectations
  • Ebonix
  • Black Men well endowed
  • Atheltic
  • Rap/Hip Hop Dances…including grinding
  • Mammy: a strong older woman usually a grandmother
  • strongly religious
  • unintelligent
  • Can’t Swim
  • Can’t Read
  • the confused mulatta
  • Oreo

This list is very disturbing…but the question is in reality, how much of it is true?

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